Complete guide to Descaling the Delonghi Magnifica Esam4200

It doesn’t matter what Bean to Cup Coffee machine you have bought or are thinking of getting, you will need to regularly descale it. This is a vital part of the ongoing maintenance that will ensure you continue to get great coffee from your machine. Descaling the Delonghi Magnifica Esam4200 couldn’t be easier

How to De-scale the De longhi Magnifica

This is a very simple process and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. The supplied instructions are easy to follow. But here is a quick run down of the steps

  1. Remove the filter from the water tank, and add 100ml of the descaler solution, and top up to the mark “B” approx 1 litre of fresh water.
  2. Press the descaling button for 5secs until the light stops flashing. The machine is now ready
  3. Place a large bowl or container under the steam wand, and turn the steam dial the full way.
  4. The solution will now flow through the machine until the water tank is empty. The cycle will stop and start automatically this is normal
  5. Once the water tank is empty, close the steam dial fully.
  6. Now flush the system through by filling the water tank to the max capacity.
  7. Turn the steam dial fully again, and the machine will pull the fresh water through, until the tank is empty
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 again, after the second rinse through the descaling is complete and the light will turn off
  9. Replace the water filter in the tank, replenish the water and place the tank back
  10. Enjoy a coffee!!

This process is similar for most Delonghi Bean to cup machines

Descaling the Delonghi Magnifica

Descaling the DeLonghi Magnifica with Vinegar

I understand some people are a little wary of using the recommended commercial descaling solutions, because of the risk of ingesting. I must stress that this is a bit of a myth and there really is little risk. The automatic descaling program will thoroughly rinse out the machine after the cycle has finished.

Vinegar can be used to de-scale the Delonghi Magnifica, however you need to be careful with the concentration of vinegar to water. Which should be no more than 50% white vinegar. Anymore and you risk damaging the inside of your machine.

Any damage caused by vinegar would void your guarantee.

Frequency you should descale a coffee machine?

For a machine that has average use, 2/4 times a day, then you should ideally conduct a descaling once every 3 months. Depending on your local water hardness it may also be beneficial to use a water filter as well.

Really anything you can do to help limit the build-up of lime scale will extend its lifespan, and keep you enjoying great coffee.

What will happen if I don’t descale my coffee machine?

Allowing the mineral scale to continue to build up in your coffee maker, will have a negative affect on it’s performance and may ultimately cause it to stop working.

The first sign of a problem will be when it starts to effect the boiler, and if your boiler cannot reach the correct temperatrue, it cannot brew correctly.

How do I clean my DeLonghi Magnifica?

It is important to realise that descaling and cleaning are different. For your cleaning routine I would suggest taking out the removable parts and soaking them in warm water, after each use. In addition you should be wiping everything including the frother after use.

Buying Magnifica Descaler Solution

You can order the De Longhi brand descaler from any online retailer. I would recommend buying more than one bottle at a time.

It isn’t expensive and is always handy to have some ready just in case.

Check the latest price on Amazon

Why does my coffee taste bad after descaling?

If you notice any funny taste after descaling, this may be the broken down minerals still being present in the piping. It is very unlikley to be the descaler solution.

If this is the case I would advise you run through just water for a few more cycles to clean out the piping.

If you’re looking for how to best use a Delonghi Magnifica check out my how to guide

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