About Us

Growing up in France, Coffee quickly became a major part of my life, by my early teens I already considered myself somewhat of a coffee connoisseur. I had my favourite little coffee bar, my favourite types and I could easily tell the quality of a bean just from the smell of it brewing.

I also loved gardening and farming, and looked forward to every summer so I could the spend the holidays with my grandparents on their small holding. Every summer from the age of 6 until I went to university I would visit them.

It is probably no surprise then that I studied horticulture at university.

Leaving university I struggled at first to find a career, or for that matter just a job. So I decided as most recent graduates do, to go travelling, in some vain hope I would find my calling and perfect job. I spent most of the next year touring South America, it was here where I really honed my coffee connoisseur skills. I even took a part time job, on a Nicaraguan coffee farm.

Well good things don’t last forever, and I couldn’t travel indefinitely, so I returned to Europe and settled in the UK. Here I took a graduate role at a large multi-national consumer goods company. Over the years I toiled away in the corporate world, where I eventually worked my way up to head buyer for the coffee division.

After a recent merger I was made redundant, and rather than head back straight to the corporate world I decided to take a year out again, and one of my projects is this site as well as travelling an spending time with family.

I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to contact me

About Jacques Carner

Jacques is the man behind behind We Spill The Beans. He as a lover of all things coffee, and has previously worked as a buyer for one of the biggest coffee companies in the world. You can find more about him here.